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Hello! I’m Blue2x, a professional website, and graphic designer. Great design never ages, let me help your company elevate to superstar status.

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Logo Design 

Creating Logos and Brands has always been my creative passion. I love to use clear, and minimal symbolism in my designs. The best logos in the world are very simple yet they give out the most impact visually.

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Website Design

If your company has an unappealing website, it will drive away sales or new customers. Let’s work together on designing an attractive and functional website for your business.

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Taking pictures using a mirrorless camera is such an amazing experience. I usually take shots of landscapes, natural objects, and historic places. I also understand the need for a good picture in a website or design.


Creative Brief

First, I need to understand key information about the project. The scope, type of work required, business information, budget, and timeframe.


Second, to understand the current trends, key competitors, color schemes, photos, CMS needed, and style preferences. I need to know what you want and explain clearly what is realistically attainable.

Develop Concepts

Third, this is where I show something visually that we have discussed earlier. A concept takes time to grow on you, the more we develop the concept, the better it would look in the final outcome. A revision can be done after a concept has been submitted. Most importantly, feedback for each concept submitted is crucial.


The final step is to make sure that the design has been thoroughly evaluated. A great design can boost your sales significantly. The file deliverables are also submitted. Congratulations!

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Let’s team up and start a new project together.