How to save on your Adobe Creative Cloud 2021 subscription

The method I have tried here has allowed me to save money on the yearly Adobe Creative Cloud fees. I’m not sure if this will work with Individual Apps or Student / Teachers / Teams subscriptions but you can always try.

During holidays like Christmas, Black Friday and etc, Adobe usually has a promo offer on their products. Last year, Adobe gave existing users free 3 months’ worth of subscription because of the Pandemic and I really applaud them for this act. I paid around 30 USD/monthly each month because I availed of the special monthly pricing last December 2019.

If you have an existing monthly subscription and it’s a higher price compared to the new promo offer, talk to a chat agent so your current plan can be canceled and you can use the new promo plan. I have tried this two times already in 2018 and 2019.

Fast forward 2021, the prices have gone back to their standard pricing. I’m using Illustrator, Photoshop, XD and Lightroom so the only option for me is to get the complete Creative Cloud package. The monthly subscription fee is around 53 USD which is the base price since 2019. I read some stuff online that if you decide to cancel your Creative Cloud plan, you will have some options before cancellation. Note that you need to have used the complete creative plan for at least a year for this to work properly. There’s a huge additional charge to your bill if you decide to cancel it prematurely.

Get a custom deal.

So in your Adobe account, go to View Plan Details > Cancel Plan. There will be 4 pages you need to complete before you fully cancel your plan, but we are not doing this.

On the Feedback page, just mention it’s too expensive or state whatever your reason is.

Details show the amount that will be deducted if you’re a new subscriber and you will cancel it prematurely.

Creative Cloud Cancellation Progress

The 3rd page shows Offers and you will be presented with 3 options. 1st column gives you free two months. The second column allows you to change to a different plan. And the last column takes you to a customer agent. I didn’t click the “Start Chat” button here since I was already talking to Adobe Chat earlier, I told them about this method and that I wanted an option for a “Custom Deal”.

I was being honest, the monthly price was too expensive for me this year and I wanted a discount. The chat support gave me 90 days of free service and a new monthly price of 33 USD/monthly which was what I paid in 2019.

Creative Cloud Cancellation Offers

The custom deal might vary for each user but getting 3 months free plus a discounted monthly fee is something worth considering. Hope you like this tip!

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